Manufacturers - Limited Warranty Policy

Ozwear Ugg footwear is warranted for one year against defective materials and workmanship. This does not extend to problems that arise from normal wear and tear.

Slight dye transfer may occur with darker coloured sheepskin during first few wears.

Lighter coloured sheepskin may pickup inks from clothing with which it comes into contact. This discoloration is not covered under the manufacturer's limited warranty.

Because sheepskin is a natural product, there may be some irregularities and variations in colour and texture. These traits are characteristic of fine quality sheepskin and add to the beauty and character of the footwear or products. These characteristics may cause variations in the fit and wear of some sheepskin products. These irregularities and variations are not covered under the manufacturer's limited warranty.

Development in design, fit and styling of products resulting in range evolution over time is not a warrantable claim under the manufacturers limited warranty.

Alterations made to products after purchase and wearing are not covered under the manufacturers limited warranty or the exchange and refund policy for the online store. e.g.Dyeing to change colour or sewing patches on boots etc